HITS 2013

21 new digital innovations and a gamut of exciting panel discussions, keynote speeches, and project pitches awaited the visitors of the fifth Hungarian Innovation TechShow. The top prizes of HITS 2013 went to ShopDashCubilogiParking, and Fitnect-3D Virtual Mirror. For details see this blogpost and the video report below.

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You can read more about Hungarian Innovation TechShow here.

A look back at this year’s TechShow

3D-printed Yoda heads kept staring at each other, visitors were trying on clothes in front of a virtual mirror, one of the creators of the mobile phone and the developer of a front-runner post-wifi wireless technology gave talks, and specialists from leading Hungarian tech startups shared their experience with the audience. The jury’s prize was awarded to an e-commerce application, ShopDash, whose developers won a unique opportunity to consult with one of the genuine superstars of the Silicon Valley tech scene. Read an account of the 5th TechShow below.

A full-fledged smart hi-tech kitchen, an oversized car model just a tad too small for passing for a real car, a nifty parking application demoed on remote controlled toy cars racing about in a mini-mall, 3D modelling and printing in various shapes and forms, and a plethora of new tech gadgets and applications awaited the audience of this year’s HITS. continue reading

Hungary’s most innovative IT projects of 2013 announced

The winners of the Fifth Hungarian Innovation TechShow have been selected. The awards of one of Hungary’s leading technology events were given to ShopDash, Cubilog, iParking, and Fitnect-3D Virtual Mirror. The contest aside, the event offered a special opportunity for all exhibitors, as the audience included a number of highfliers from the local startup and investor scene and several international gurus, among them Jesse Russell, a key innovator of wireless technologies and Ali Sadri, a director at Intel in charge of 5G technologies. continue reading

New smart app at HITS 2013

HITS visitors will be able to see and test Magyar Telekom’s novel smart metering solution even before it is set up in pilot mode in Telekom’s test environment in Szolnok. continue reading

Hot Topics at HITS 2013

True to its traditions, HITS 2013 will feature a bracing mix of keynotes, pitches, and panel discussions with the participation of speakers from Hungarian startup legends Prezi, Ustream, LogMeIn, Gravity, PocketGuide, and Leonar3Do, leading lights from the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, top-level decision-makers from the country’s largest digital corporations, and officials from the government agency in charge of fostering international trade and investment. continue reading

The Exhibitors

HITS’s seven-member panel of prominent experts, entreprenurs and investors has selected the 20 exhibitors to be featured at the 2013 Hungarian Innovation TechShow. The exhibitors were selected from close to 50 applications.  continue reading

Budapest will be the capital of innovation this June

A very busy time awaits the producers and consumers of Hungary’s tech sector and startup eco-system. The second week of the summer will host a total of 8 national and international exhibitions, conferences, and workshops in Budapest. Most of these events promise fascinating programs for professional and nonprofessional visitors alike. continue reading

The jury in 2013

Following the tradition of previous years, the exhibitors of the Hungarian Innovation TechShow will again be selected by an independent jury, consisting of investors, serial entrepreneurs, innovation experts and representatives of the media. continue reading

HITS’s winning exhibitor in 2013 will be awarded precious time

The exhibitor winning the top prize in this year’s HITS will be offered the extraordinary opportunity to spend 20 minutes in a one-on-one conversation via Skype with one of the superstars of the Silicon Valley startup scene. continue reading

This year’s highlights

This year’s Hungarian Innovation TechShow will be unique in a number of ways. The already rich experience offered by HITS will be augmented by its integration (i) with the inaugural 2B 3D – Budapest Printing Days co-organized with Design Terminal and FreeDee Printing Solutions, pioneering and promoting the emergent 3D printing movement and maker culture in Hungary; and (ii) with Hungary’s Contest for Young Scientists and Innovators, organized annually by the Hungarian Association for Innovation. continue reading

Seeking Hungary’s next high-tech stars

One of Hungary’s leading IT events, the Hungarian Innovation TechShow (HITS) will be organized for the fifth time this year. HITS, to be held on June 11th this year, aims to showcase the latest, most fascinating and already tangible achievements of Hungary’s digital industry to an audience of professionals, investors, representatives of the media, and the general public. continue reading